If you're near Soldier Field and need a drink, check out these five bars. Reggie's Chicago offers a vibrant atmosphere and a rooftop deck with skyline views. Kroll's South Loop is a sports fan favorite with a casual vibe and classic bar food. Scout Waterhouse + Kitchen has a laid-back feel, multiple TVs, and a diverse menu. Fatpour Tap Works boasts an impressive selection of craft beers and a lively setting. Lastly, First Draft features an extensive array of craft beers and tasty bar bites. Each spot provides a unique experience that's perfect for your next outing.

Main Points

  • Reggie's Chicago: Vibrant atmosphere with diverse craft beers, rooftop deck, and city skyline views.
  • Kroll's South Loop: Casual spot with extensive beer list, classic bar food, and unique dishes like matzo ball soup.
  • Scout Waterhouse + Kitchen: Laid-back bar with craft cocktails, diverse menu, and inviting outdoor patio.
  • Fatpour Tap Works: Lively bar offering a wide selection of beers on tap and an energetic ambiance.
  • First Draft: Casual sports bar with extensive craft beer selection, multiple big-screen TVs, and tasty bar bites.

Reggie's Chicago

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Located near Soldier Field, Reggie's Chicago is a lively bar and music venue perfect for sports fans and concert-goers. If you're looking to enjoy a vibrant atmosphere, this spot offers everything you need. On game day, whether you're cheering for the Bears or just soaking up the excitement, Reggie's Chicago provides a fantastic pregame and postgame experience.

Reggie's Chicago boasts a diverse selection of craft beers, ensuring there's something for every palate. The bar's multi-level setup includes a rooftop deck, which offers stunning views of the city skyline. It's an ideal place to relax with a drink in hand, especially after an exhilarating game at Soldier Field.

When it comes to food, Reggie's doesn't disappoint. Their menu features a variety of small plates, perfect for sharing with friends. From tasty sliders to crispy wings, you'll find plenty of options to satisfy your cravings.

Live music is another highlight at Reggie's Chicago. With regular performances from a variety of bands and artists, the venue keeps the energy high and the vibes eclectic. Whether you're a local or just visiting, Reggie's Chicago ensures a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Kroll's South Loop

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Kroll's South Loop, a favorite among sports fans, offers a casual and welcoming atmosphere near Soldier Field. If you're in town to catch a Chicago Bears game, Kroll's is the perfect spot to grab a drink before or after heading to the stadium. The bar's extensive beer list ensures there's something for everyone, from craft beer enthusiasts to those who prefer a classic brew.

Located conveniently in the South Loop, Kroll's makes it easy for you to enjoy a pregame drink or celebrate a victory without traveling far. Multiple TVs throughout the bar mean you won't miss a moment of the action, whether it's football, basketball, or any other sport.

When it comes to food, Kroll's South Loop doesn't disappoint. You can indulge in classic bar food such as burgers, wings, and nachos. For something a bit different, try their matzo ball soup—comforting and delicious.

The friendly staff and relaxed vibe make it a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike. So, next time you're near Soldier Field, stop by Kroll's South Loop and experience one of Chicago's best sports bar atmospheres.

Scout Waterhouse + Kitchen

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Scout Waterhouse + Kitchen is a must-visit bar near Soldier Field, known for its extensive beer selection and craft cocktails. If you're gearing up for a game or concert, this laid-back spot is perfect for getting in the spirit. Multiple TVs ensure you won't miss any pre-game action, making it a go-to for sports enthusiasts.

Located just a short walk from Soldier Field, Scout Waterhouse + Kitchen offers convenience without sacrificing quality. The bar's diverse menu features everything from mouthwatering burgers and sandwiches to shareable plates, catering to a variety of tastes. Whether you're in the mood for a hearty meal or just some snacks to go with your drink, Scout has you covered.

The atmosphere is spacious and welcoming, with a layout that includes an inviting outdoor patio. The staff here are friendly and attentive, adding to the overall positive vibe. It's no wonder that both locals and visitors alike find themselves drawn to this vibrant hangout.

Fatpour Tap Works

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Offering a wide selection of beers on tap, Fatpour Tap Works at 2206 S Indiana Ave is your go-to spot for a lively and social atmosphere near Soldier Field. Located just a short distance from Chicago's iconic stadium, this bustling sports bar is perfect for both pregame gatherings and post-game celebrations.

Fatpour Tap Works boasts an impressive array of craft beers, cocktails, and spirits, ensuring there's something for everyone. The bar's spacious and vibrant setting makes it an ideal destination for Bears home games, where fans can come together to cheer on their team.

With its convenient location near Michigan Ave, getting to and from Soldier Field is a breeze.

Whether you're a local or just visiting Chicago, you'll appreciate the energetic ambiance that Fatpour Tap Works offers. It's not just about the drinks here—the lively crowd and friendly service create a welcoming environment that keeps patrons coming back.

First Draft

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First Draft, a favorite among beer enthusiasts, offers an extensive selection of craft beers in a casual sports bar setting near Soldier Field. If you're a fan of variety, you won't be disappointed with their wide range of draft beers, including local and seasonal options. This makes it an ideal spot to explore new brews while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow sports fans.

The atmosphere at First Draft is lively and welcoming, perfect for unwinding before or after a game. With multiple big-screen TVs, you can catch all the action while indulging in their tasty bar bites and classic pub fare. Whether you're craving nachos, sliders, or something more substantial, their menu has you covered.

Located conveniently close to Soldier Field, First Draft is a prime pregame or post-game destination. It's not just about the drinks and food; the friendly staff and vibrant setting make it a great place to socialize and soak in the excitement of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is the Best Place to Drink Before the Bears Game?

You want the best spot to drink before the Bears game? Head to Kasey's Tavern, O'Neil's on Wells, or Weather Mark Tavern. They're close, lively, and perfect for pregame drinks and camaraderie. Enjoy the freedom!

Are There Bars Inside Soldier Field?

Yes, there are bars inside Soldier Field. You can enjoy the Miller Lite Midway, a modern sports bar with full-service bars, private restrooms, and over 40 HD TVs. Just get a mobile pass through the Bears app!

Where Not to Sit at Soldier Field?

Avoid sitting behind structural columns or poles, as they'll obstruct your view. Steer clear of seats with limited legroom and those in upper levels with restricted visibility. Always research seating charts and reviews before buying tickets.

How Safe Is the Area Around Soldier Field?

You'll feel like you're walking through a fortress. Soldier Field's area is generally safe with increased security, well-lit pathways, and Chicago PD patrols. Just stay aware of your surroundings like any bustling event spot.


When you visit Soldier Field, you'll have a variety of top-notch bars to choose from.

Reggie's Chicago offers a lively atmosphere with live music.

Kroll's South Loop serves up classic American fare.

Scout Waterhouse + Kitchen is perfect for craft beer lovers.

Fatpour Tap Works boasts an extensive beer list.

First Draft provides a cozy spot for draft selections.

Each venue has its own unique vibe, ensuring a great pre- or post-game experience.