You’re on the right track if you’re craving a minimalist lifestyle – to help, here are five vibrant tiny house communities in Chicagoland you should consider: Emerald Tiny House Village, Lakeside Chicagoland Tiny Home Community, The Eco-friendly Mini Homes of Oak Park, Urban Small Living in North Shore, and Sustainable Living at Green Tiny Estates. These communities strive to provide cost-effective and sustainable living solutions, each with unique offerings like year-round living, no size restriction on homes, immediate move-in, and proximity to public transportation.

Enriched with in-home amenities, security measures, and a tight-knit community vibe, they make small-scale living worthwhile. There’s so much more to explore about each of these communities as you further your journey towards compact living.

Key Takeaways

  • Emerald Tiny House Village offers affordable and immediate housing options with a monthly lot rent of $475.
  • Lakeside Chicagoland Tiny Home Community provides year-round living with easy access to public transportation and safe package storage.
  • The Eco-friendly Mini Homes of Oak Park include utilities in their monthly rent of $475 and provides a secure environment.
  • Urban Small Living in North Shore offers a unique minimalist lifestyle with convenient access to public transportation.
  • Sustainable Living at Green Tiny Estates promotes eco-friendly living with amenities like internet services included in the rent.

Emerald Tiny House Village

charming eco friendly tiny homes

Diving right into the heart of tiny house living in Chicagoland, Emerald Tiny House Village stands out as a community offering immediate move-in dates for eager residents. This unique real estate opportunity presents an affordable and scalable solution for those longing for simplicity and freedom.

Emerald is designed to accommodate hundreds of tiny house units without size restrictions, making it an ideal place for customization and individuality. You’re not just buying a tiny house, you’re joining a vibrant community where year-round living isn’t only permitted, it’s encouraged.

For a monthly lot rent of $475, everything but electric and gas is taken care of. It’s not just about saving money, it’s about lessening your environmental footprint, and embracing a lifestyle that values experiences over possessions.

Each resident is assigned a mailbox, and larger package storage is available within the community. This ensures your connection to the outside world is maintained, while still enjoying the tranquility and solidarity of tiny house living.

With the freedom to move in immediately, and the flexibility to shape your living space to meet your needs, Emerald Tiny House Village is a compelling option for those looking to embrace this unique lifestyle.

Lakeside Chicagoland Tiny Home Community

chicagoland tiny home community

Nestled just 30 minutes from the Chicago Loop, the Lakeside Chicagoland Tiny Home Community beckons you with the promise of affordable, sustainable living. This community offers a unique opportunity for you to embrace the tiny home lifestyle, while still remaining connected to the conveniences of city life. City officials have recognized the value of this thriving community, which supports the growing trend towards minimalism and sustainable living.

Here are a few highlights of this remarkable community:

  • Monthly lot rent of just $475, with utilities separately billed.
  • Year-round living in a community that can accommodate hundreds of tiny homes.
  • Legal parking for your tiny home, with quick move-in possibilities.
  • Easy access to public transportation, including CTA and Pace buses.
  • Each resident is provided with a mailbox and larger package storage, with safety measures in place.

Cherish the freedom of downsizing without giving up the amenities you love. The Lakeside Chicagoland Tiny Home Community provides an affordable, sustainable option for those seeking to live a less cluttered, more ecologically-conscious lifestyle.

The Eco-friendly Mini Homes of Oak Park

sustainable living in oak park

Just a short drive from the Lakeside community, you’ll find the Eco-friendly Mini Homes of Oak Park, another remarkable tiny house community offering sustainable living within reach of city conveniences. This exceptional haven offers an immediate move-in option for those ready to embrace the tiny house lifestyle. At a monthly lot rent of only $475, inclusive of utilities (excluding electric and gas), affordability meets sustainability in Oak Park.

You’ll appreciate the freedom that comes with no size restrictions on tiny houses, and the ability to live year-round in your cozy abode. Security isn’t compromised either; extensive measures have been implemented, providing a safe environment for you and your tiny house. Legal parking is also readily available for your convenience.

Located just a mere 30 minutes from the bustling Chicago Loop, Oak Park ensures you’re never far from the city’s excitement. With easy access to public transportation like the CTA and Pace buses, your city adventures are just a ride away. Choose Oak Park’s eco-friendly mini homes, where tiny houses and city living harmoniously converge.

Urban Small Living in North Shore

compact city living lifestyle

If you’re seeking an urban experience with a unique small living twist, Chicago’s North Shore community is a haven for tiny house enthusiasts like you. This vibrant, scalable community offers an unparalleled blend of city living and compact home lifestyle.

  • Convenient access to public transportation: CTA buses, Pace buses, and nearby train stations make your commutes hassle-free.
  • Affordable living: With a monthly lot rent of $475, utilities are included, except for gas and electric, billed separately.
  • Scalable community: North Shore is on the move, with plans for expansion to accommodate hundreds of tiny homes.
  • Secure environment: Rest easy knowing your community offers legal parking, mailbox services, and enhanced security measures.
  • Unique community vibe: This isn’t just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle choice that embraces freedom and minimalism.

North Shore’s dynamic environment and future growth plans make it an ideal choice for those looking to join a tiny house community. The North Shore offers you an opportunity to be part of an exciting, scalable community. The freedom you desire awaits you here. Welcome to your tiny urban oasis.

Sustainable Living at Green Tiny Estates

eco friendly living in community

While North Shore offers an urban tiny living experience, Green Tiny Estates presents an opportunity for sustainable living within a lively Chicagoland community. You can embrace the eco-friendly lifestyle with ease, as this tiny house community is structured with legal parking for your tiny home and a monthly lot rent of only $475.

What’s more, utilities are included in the rent, with separate billing only for electric and gas. This ensures you’re only paying for what you use, promoting conscious, sustainable living. Green Tiny Estates also welcomes year-round living, so you won’t have to worry about moving your tiny house during certain seasons. There are no size restrictions for tiny houses, giving you the freedom to choose the home that suits your needs.

For your peace of mind, Green Tiny Estates has security measures in place. The community also offers amenities like cable, phone, and internet services, making it a convenient place to live. So, if you desire a lifestyle that blends sustainability, convenience, and freedom, consider making your move to Green Tiny Estates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is the Best Tiny Home Community?

You’re wondering where the best tiny home community is. It’s only 30 minutes from the Chicago Loop, with public transport options, parking, and amenities like cable, phone, and internet. Plus, security measures are in place.

Are Tiny Houses Legal in Chicago?

Yes, tiny houses are legal in Chicago. You’ll need to adhere to zoning regulations, meet size requirements, obey safety standards, and secure necessary permits. Do your homework to ensure you’re in compliance.

What Is the Most Well Known or Popular Tiny House Community?

You’re asking about the most popular tiny house community. It’s a sustainable one in Chicagoland. It’s scalable, offers legal parking, and includes utilities in a $475 monthly rent. It’s ideal for year-round living.

Is a Tiny Home Community a Good Investment?

Absolutely, investing in a tiny home community can be lucrative. You’ll appreciate the steady income stream, minimal upkeep costs, and increasing demand. Plus, it’s a unique chance to support sustainable, community-focused living.


So, you’re ready to take the leap into tiny house living in Chicagoland?

These five communities offer an array of options, from the vibrant Emerald Tiny House Village to the eco-conscious Mini Homes of Oak Park.

Whether you crave lakeside views or urban vibes in North Shore, or sustainability at Green Tiny Estates, there’s a perfect fit for you.

Embrace the tiny house movement and discover your new home in these dynamic Chicagoland communities today.