When you're at the Langham Hotel Chicago, you're in for a culinary treat both inside and nearby. Within the hotel, enjoy Travelle's seasonal American cuisine or unwind at the stylish Travelle Lounge. For a refined experience, try the Afternoon Tea at Pavilion Dining. Don't miss The Ice Cream Social for unique, handcrafted flavors. Near the hotel, check out STK Steakhouse's modern vibe, Siena Tavern's Italian classics, and Shaws Crab House if you're into seafood. For pizza lovers, Pizzeria Portofino offers stunning river views. Dive deeper to discover even more culinary delights around the Langham Hotel.

Main Points

  • STK Steakhouse offers a high-energy dining experience with modern steakhouse dishes and a chic lounge in River North.
  • Siena Tavern features upscale classic Italian cuisine in a relaxed yet sophisticated setting.
  • Ummo provides contemporary Italian dishes and an innovative dining experience in River North.
  • Shaws Crab House & Oyster Bar is a premium seafood restaurant with an extensive selection of fresh seafood.
  • Pizzeria Portofino serves hand-stretched pizzas with outdoor seating and stunning views of the Chicago River.


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Nestled within The Langham, Chicago, Travelle delights with seasonal American cuisine crafted from the finest farm-to-table ingredients. Chef Justin Gomes, a Trinidad native, leads the culinary team with a focus on honoring ingredients in an elegant and fun way. This culinary philosophy ensures that every dish is a celebration of fresh, local produce.

When dining at Travelle, you'll experience the vibrant flavors of Chicago through meticulously prepared dishes that change with the seasons. The restaurant's commitment to seasonal American cuisine means that each visit offers something new and exciting, reflecting the best of what local farms and orchards have to offer.

Travelle's setting enhances the dining experience with its window-framed lounge, offering stunning views of the cityscape. This creates a perfect ambiance for enjoying a meal while feeling connected to the bustling energy of Chicago. The window-framed lounge seamlessly blends the culinary delights with the visual beauty of the city, making it an ideal spot for both locals and visitors.

Whether you're in the mood for a hearty meal or a light bite, Travelle's seasonal American cuisine will exceed your expectations, providing a memorable dining experience.

Travelle Lounge

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Step into Travelle Lounge at The Langham, Chicago, where you can unwind with pre-dinner drinks and light bites while enjoying stunning views of the cityscape. This chic, window-framed lounge offers a modern ambiance, perfect for socializing with friends or colleagues after a busy day. The panoramic cityscape and skyline views make it an ideal spot for relaxing evenings.

Operating from 3:00 pm to 12:00 am on Fridays and Saturdays, and from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm from Sunday to Thursday, Travelle Lounge provides a convenient and stylish setting for dining and drinks. Overlooking the picturesque Chicago River, the lounge creates a captivating atmosphere that complements its array of cocktails and bar bites served nightly.

Whether you're looking to enjoy a sophisticated evening with pre-dinner drinks or simply relax with light bites amid a stunning backdrop, Travelle Lounge caters to your desire for freedom and relaxation. The lounge's modern design and prime location make it a must-visit spot for both hotel guests and locals alike.


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The Pavilion at The Langham, Chicago, offers a sophisticated setting where you can indulge in The Langham Afternoon Tea while enjoying stunning city views. This elegant space is perfect for unwinding with friends or family. Overlooking the Chicago River, The Pavilion provides a picturesque backdrop that enhances your dining experience. You can savor proprietary teas and artisanal light bites from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

For those who crave a touch of exclusivity, The Pavilion offers private dining options. It's an ideal choice for intimate gatherings or special occasions where you can enjoy a refined atmosphere and exceptional service. The panoramic cityscape visible from The Pavilion adds an extra layer of charm to your afternoon tea experience.

Reservations are recommended to secure your spot in this luxurious setting, ensuring you can fully relax and enjoy the sophisticated ambiance. Whether you're a local seeking a short escape or a visitor wanting to experience Chicago in style, The Pavilion at The Langham, Chicago, is a top choice. Its focus on sophistication and exceptional service makes it a standout option for a refined dining experience in the city.

The Ice Cream Social

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Indulge in handmade cones and artisan ice cream flavors at The Ice Cream Social at The Langham, Chicago. This delightful spot is perfect for those who crave a sweet escape. You'll find unique, handcrafted flavors that are sure to elevate your ice cream experience.

The Ice Cream Social is open Monday through Saturday from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm and Sunday from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm, giving you ample opportunity to indulge.

Executive Chef Damion Henry ensures that each scoop is a work of art, with flavors that go beyond the ordinary. For a special treat, don't miss the exclusive St. Patrick's Day Ice Cream created by Executive Pastry Chef Walleska Cianfanelli. This pop-up event is a must-try, offering festive flavors and a unique twist on traditional favorites.

Customization is key at The Ice Cream Social. You can pick from a variety of unique toppings to make your ice cream truly your own. Whether you're a guest at The Langham or just in the neighborhood, this spot is a haven for ice cream lovers who appreciate quality and creativity.

Don't miss out on this sweet experience!

Private Dining Options

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If you're looking for exclusive dining rooms and personalized menu choices, The Langham, Chicago offers top-notch private dining options.

Travelle and Pavilion provide elegant settings and premium service for any special occasion, whether for business or pleasure.

Make a reservation to ensure an unforgettable dining experience tailored to your needs.

Exclusive Dining Rooms

Experience unparalleled luxury with the exclusive private dining rooms at Langham Hotel Chicago, perfect for intimate gatherings or important business meetings. These rooms offer a refined and sophisticated ambiance, ensuring your event feels special and unique.

The Langham Hotel Chicago's private dining spaces provide a luxurious setting, allowing you to enjoy a customized dining experience tailored to your needs.

The private dining rooms at The Langham Hotel Chicago are designed to cater to both social and professional gatherings. Whether you're hosting a business lunch or celebrating a milestone, these exclusive spaces provide the ideal backdrop. You can expect premium service and attention to detail, making your event seamless and unforgettable.

Booking a private dining room at The Langham Hotel Chicago ensures a personalized experience from start to finish. The elegant setting, combined with top-notch service, creates an environment where you and your guests can relax and enjoy. These exclusive rooms are perfect for those who value privacy and sophistication, offering a space where you can focus on your event without any distractions.

For an unforgettable event, consider the exclusive private dining rooms at Langham Hotel Chicago, where luxury meets exceptional service.

Personalized Menu Choices

The Langham Hotel in Chicago offers private dining options with personalized menu choices to suit your specific preferences and dietary needs. Whether you're planning an intimate dinner or a business lunch, the hotel's culinary team ensures that your dining experience is unique and memorable. They'll work closely with you to create a menu that reflects your tastes and any dietary restrictions you might have.

Imagine celebrating a special occasion with a customized menu that includes your favorite dishes, prepared with the finest ingredients. The Langham's private dining options cater to various events, from wine tastings to elaborate celebrations. Each event is crafted to provide a premium dining experience that aligns perfectly with your desires.

The culinary team at the Langham Hotel brings expertise and creativity to the table, making sure each dish isn't only delicious but also beautifully presented. By focusing on personalized menu choices, they guarantee that your dining experience is tailored to you, offering a level of freedom and customization that's hard to find elsewhere.

Brilliant by Langham

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Unlock a world of exclusive travel experiences and tailored benefits with Brilliant by Langham. As a member, you'll enjoy unique perks and personalized services that elevate your travels. Whether you're exploring the vibrant city of Chicago or savoring exquisite meals at restaurants near The Langham, the program ensures your experiences are unforgettable.

Members of Brilliant by Langham can sign up for the newsletter, keeping you informed about the latest travel opportunities and exclusive offers. Imagine receiving a Chicago monetary gift to enhance your stay, allowing you to indulge in the city's finest dining and entertainment.

The program is designed to provide you with special moments and curated services at Langham Hotels & Resorts, making each visit memorable.

Contact information for The Langham, Chicago, and other Langham locations is easily accessible through the Brilliant by Langham program, ensuring you have all the details you need at your fingertips. Enjoy the privileges of personalized service, from special room upgrades to unique dining experiences tailored just for you.

Unlock the full potential of your travels with Brilliant by Langham, and make every journey extraordinary.

Nearby Dining Spots

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Discover a variety of exceptional dining spots near Langham Hotel Chicago that cater to every palate and occasion.

For a high-energy dining experience, head to STK Steakhouse in River North. This spot combines a modern steakhouse with a chic lounge, perfect for those seeking vibrant atmospheres and late-night cocktails.

If you prefer upscale classic Italian fares, Siena Tavern is a moderate-priced option nearby, offering a relaxed yet sophisticated setting.

For contemporary Italian cuisine, visit Ummo, also located in River North. This moderate-priced restaurant delivers innovative dishes, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

Seafood lovers shouldn't miss Shaws Crab House & Oyster Bar. This very expensive dining spot provides an extensive selection of fresh seafood, ideal for a luxurious night out.

Pizza enthusiasts will delight in Pizzeria Portofino, an expensive Italian restaurant known for its hand-stretched pizzas. With its prime location on the Chicago River, you can enjoy outdoor seating, enhancing your dining experience with stunning views.

Each of these restaurants near Langham Hotel Chicago offers a unique culinary journey, making it easy to find the perfect spot for any dining preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Langham Hotel Famous For?

You'll find The Langham Hotel famous for its stunning Chicago River views, seasonal American cuisine, and sophisticated dining atmosphere. Enjoy locally sourced ingredients, award-winning chefs, and an exceptional dining experience with both indoor and outdoor seating options.

Is Breakfast Included at Langham, Chicago?

No, breakfast isn't included at The Langham, Chicago. But don't worry! You can savor a variety of delicious options at Travelle. It's like a foodie's paradise, open from 6:30 am to 11:00 am daily.

Is Langham a 5 Star Hotel?

Yes, you're inquiring if the Langham is a 5-star hotel. Absolutely, it is! You'll experience luxury, top-notch service, and stunning views. Embrace the freedom to indulge in upscale amenities and award-winning dining options.

What Is the Name of Chicago's Famous Shopping Hotel Restaurant Area?

Oh, you mean the Magnificent Mile, the place where you can't help but splurge on luxury brands and fine dining? It's perfect if you're looking to liberate yourself from your hard-earned cash in style!


When staying at the Langham Hotel Chicago, you'll find a treasure trove of dining options. Travelle offers refined cuisine, while Travelle Lounge serves up cocktails and light bites. Pavilion provides a serene afternoon tea experience, and The Ice Cream Social delights with sweet treats. Private dining options and Brilliant by Langham cater to exclusive tastes.

Beyond the hotel, nearby dining spots expand your culinary horizons, ensuring your stay is a delicious journey from start to finish.