Craving some finger-licking good barbeque around Chicago?

Imagine sinking your teeth into tender, smoky ribs that practically fall off the bone, or savoring juicy pulled pork so flavorful it’s like a party in your mouth.

Well, get ready, because we’ve rounded up the top 10 best barbeque spots near Chicago, Illinois.

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Key Takeaways

  • Smoque BBQ in Irving Park is a popular barbeque restaurant in Chicago known for its slow-cooked meat, traditional flavors, and variety of sauce options.
  • Green Street Smoked Meats in West Loop offers tender brisket, fall-off-the-bone St. Louis Ribs, and a selection of local brews in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Smoke Daddy in West Town is known for its amazing barbeque and fun atmosphere, offering a variety of cocktails and beers, as well as live music for entertainment.
  • 3 Little Pigs Chi offers a unique fusion of Chinese and barbeque flavors, serving tender, slow-cooked meats with Chinese spices and creating a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Smoque BBQ

delicious smoked bbq cuisine

Smoque BBQ is a great place for barbecue in Chicago. If you like tender, smoky meats, this is a place you’ll want to go. They cook meat slowly to make it taste just right, which is really important for good barbecue. At Smoque BBQ, they focus on making their food taste like the traditional barbeque that people have loved for years.

Now, let’s look at the different kinds of sauces they have. They’ve a sweet and tangy sauce called Kansas City sauce, and a spicy one called Texas sauce. When you eat the meat with these sauces, you’ll notice lots of different flavors. It’s fun to try them and find your favorite.

Green Street Smoked Meats

chicago bbq joint experience

Green Street Smoked Meats is a great place in Chicago to enjoy some delicious barbeque. Now, let’s learn about what makes it special.

  • What you can eat at Green Street Smoked Meats
  • Brisket: This meat is soft, juicy, and full of tasty flavors.
  • St. Louis Ribs: These ribs are so tender that the meat almost falls off the bone, and they’re really yummy.
  • Drinks you can find at Green Street Smoked Meats
  • Local Brews: They offer a variety of beers made in Chicago.
  • Rotating Taps: There’s always a new beer to try, which is great with your meal.

At Green Street Smoked Meats, it’s all about giving you amazing barbeque in a relaxed place. The brisket is so good it might become your favorite, and the St. Louis Ribs are so flavorful you’ll want to eat every bit. They also have a great selection of beers, including ones from Chicago and new ones to taste all the time. It’s perfect for enjoying a meal with friends or family.

Smoke Daddy

barbecue joint with live music

Are you ready for some amazing barbeque? Smoke Daddy is a place where you can enjoy tasty food. They make very good barbeque and have a fun place to eat that’s inspired by places where they play music. They’ve bars for cocktails and beer too.

It’s a great place to relax, eat delicious barbeque, and drink something cool. You can find Smoke Daddy in West Town in Chicago. It’s a good choice if you want to see what eating barbeque in the city is like. Your taste buds will be happy at Smoke Daddy!

Rating: 3.7

Cuisine: Barbeque

Additional Offerings: Music Venues

Let’s go!

3 Little Pigs Chi

three pigs learn chi

Craving more mouthwatering barbeque after your visit to Smoke Daddy? Little Pigs Chi in South Loop is the next stop for a delightful mix of Chinese and barbeque dishes that will leave you wanting more.

  • Unique Fusion: Little Pigs Chi offers an exciting blend of traditional Chinese flavors with the smoky goodness of barbeque, creating a one-of-a-kind dining experience.
  • Indulge in their tender, slow-cooked barbeque meats infused with aromatic Chinese spices and sauces.
  • Don’t miss out on their signature dishes like char siu pork and Peking duck, perfectly combining the best of both culinary worlds.

Exploring the unique fusion of Chinese and barbeque cuisine at Little Pigs Chi is an eye-opening experience. It debunks the misconception that barbeque is fast food and highlights its slow-cooked, flavorful nature. So, if you’re a food enthusiast who loves the freedom to savor diverse and delectable flavors, Little Pigs Chi is a must-visit!

Firewood BBQ

outdoor cooking with firewood

At Firewood BBQ in Wicker Park, you’ll find a friendly place that serves up some really good barbeque. They cook their meats slowly, the way they do in Texas and in Carolina, to make sure they’re juicy and full of flavor. The brisket is something you should definitely try; it’s soft and tastes like smoke in a good way.

Besides the food, there are two places nearby called Green Street Smoked Meats and Smoke Daddy where you can get drinks. Green Street Smoked Meats isn’t just about the food; they’ve a bunch of different drinks like cocktails and beers. Smoke Daddy is cool too because they’ve live music and also a lot of drinks to choose from.

Leons Barbeque

delicious barbecue at leon s

If you want some really good barbeque, you should visit Leon’s Barbeque in Brighton Park. It’s a place that makes tasty food that will make you happy you came.

  • Local Favorite: Leon’s Barbeque isn’t very famous, but the people who live nearby love it because it makes simple and really good barbeque food.
  • When you get close to the restaurant, you can smell the meat cooking, and it smells so good that you can’t wait to eat.
  • The people who work there are very nice, and the place feels relaxed, making it a great spot to enjoy a big, delicious meal.

Mix of Flavors: What’s special about Leon’s Barbeque is that they mix Chinese tastes with traditional barbeque. This means you get to try something different and exciting.

  • They serve things like barbeque ribs and brisket with special Chinese spices that make the food taste amazing.
  • The food has a mix of smoky, rich, and a little bit sweet flavors that will make you want to come back and eat there again.

Jokers Cajun Smokehouse

delicious cajun cuisine smoked

If you like trying different types of food, you might enjoy Jokers Cajun Smokehouse in Bucktown. This restaurant is known for its Cajun and Creole-style barbeque, which is a special kind of spicy food from the southern part of the United States.

Is Jokers Cajun Smokehouse the best place in Chicago to get Cajun and Creole food? It’s definitely up there with the best. They are known for their smoked meats that have a bold and zesty taste, and they use the right amount of spices to make their dishes stand out.

Now, let’s see how Jokers Cajun Smokehouse compares to other barbeque places when we look at flavor and how spicy the food is:

RestaurantFlavor RatingSpice Level
Jokers Cajun Smokehouse4.2Medium-Hot
Smoque BBQ4.5Hot
Green Street Smoked Meats4.3Medium
Smoke Daddy3.9Mild
Leons Barbeque4.0Medium

As you can see, Jokers Cajun Smokehouse has a pretty good flavor rating and is considered ‘Medium-Hot’ for how spicy their food is. This means it’s not the hottest, but it’s still got a good kick to it. Smoque BBQ is rated the highest for flavor and is also the spiciest. Green Street Smoked Meats and Leons Barbeque are not as spicy and have a slightly higher flavor rating than Jokers. Smoke Daddy has the mildest spice level and the lowest flavor rating.

Kennys Ribs & Chicken

delicious ribs and chicken

At Kenny’s Ribs & Chicken in Avalon Park, Chicago, you’ll find some really tasty barbecue and chicken wings. Let’s talk about what makes Kenny’s so special.

  • Chicken wings that are top-notch in Chicago
  • Kenny’s chicken wings are famous because they taste so good. The skin is nice and crispy, and the meat inside is soft. Plus, they put all kinds of yummy sauces on them.
  • You can choose from the classic wing flavors or try some new ones, so every time you eat them, it’s like a new experience.
  • A taste of Southern cooking in Chicago
  • Kenny’s doesn’t just serve wings; they also make dishes that come from the Southern parts of the United States, like Louisiana. They’ve spicy jambalaya, which is a mix of rice, meat, and vegetables, and gumbo, a thick soup with lots of flavors.

Best Barbeque Near Chicago

top bbq in chicago

Craving some mouthwatering barbeque near Chicago? Let’s dive into the best spots in the area!

Chicago’s barbeque scene isn’t just about traditional meaty goodness – it’s also embracing the rise of vegan barbeque options. You can explore unique regional barbeque styles right here in the Chicago area.

From the classic smoky flavors to innovative vegan twists, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for some Texas-style brisket, Carolina pulled pork, or even some vegan smoked seitan, Chicago’s got it all.

Top Barbeque Spots in Chicago

chicago s best bbq places

Looking for the top barbeque spots in Chicago? Let’s dive into the smoky goodness waiting for you in the Windy City!

  • Smoque BBQ
  • Located in Irving Park, this place has a moderate price range and a rating of 4.4 with 4.7k reviews.
  • Green Street Smoked Meats
  • Found in West Loop, this spot not only offers fantastic barbeque but also has a variety of cocktails and beers. Open until 10:30 PM, with a 4.4 rating from 2.1k reviews.

Chicago has a rich history of barbeque, with various styles and techniques. From the traditional slow-smoked meats to the fusion of flavors, the cultural significance of barbeque in Chicago is undeniable.

Whether you’re craving a classic barbeque experience or looking to explore innovative twists, Chicago has it all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Vegetarian or Vegan Options at These Barbeque Restaurants?

If you’re looking for the best vegetarian options or vegan BBQ alternatives at these barbeque joints, check out Smoque BBQ for their tasty coleslaw and Green Street Smoked Meats for their delicious smoked vegetables.

Are Any of These Barbeque Restaurants Suitable for Hosting Large Groups or Events?

Sure, some of these BBQ spots are great for hosting large gatherings. Look for places with event spaces, outdoor seating, and catering services. They often accommodate groups and offer reservation policies for private events.

Do Any of These Barbeque Restaurants Offer Catering Services?

Yeah, Green Street Smoked Meats and Leons Barbeque both offer catering services. They also have delivery options, so you can enjoy their delicious barbeque at your own event or at home.

Are There Any Outdoor Seating Options Available at These Barbeque Restaurants?

Yes, there are several barbeque spots with outdoor seating. You’ll love the relaxed atmosphere and the vegetarian options on the menu. It’s great for enjoying some tasty BBQ in the open air!

Are Reservations Recommended or Required for Any of These Barbeque Restaurants?

Reservations aren’t usually required at these BBQ joints, but it’s smart to call ahead for larger groups. Walk-ins are generally welcome. If you have dietary restrictions, most spots offer menu options to accommodate. Enjoy your feast!


So, what’re you waiting for? Head on over to these top 10 barbeque spots near Chicago and treat yourself to an unforgettable culinary experience.

Whether you’re in the mood for classic smoked meats or innovative barbeque cuisines, these joints have got you covered.

Get ready to satisfy your cravings and indulge in the mouthwatering world of barbeque in and around Chicago.

Happy eating!