1700 W Division St in Chicago, IL, is a hidden gem offering a mix of shopping, dining, and cultural experiences. You'll find unique boutiques like Belmont Army for vintage clothing and Asrai Gardens for handmade jewelry. The dining scene is diverse with spots like Tortello and Cafe Istanbul. Cafes such as Lost Larson provide a cozy atmosphere with Scandinavian pastries. At night, places like Delilah's and Penumbra Wine Bar offer unique nightlife options. Street art murals and local art galleries add a vibrant cultural touch. If you're looking for an area rich in activities and charm, there's much more to discover.

Main Points

  • 1700 W Division St offers diverse shopping, including vintage clothing and handmade jewelry.
  • The area features unique dining options like Tortello, Cafe Istanbul, and Handlebar.
  • Cozy cafes such as Doves Luncheonette and Lost Larson offer international flavors and pastries.
  • Nightlife includes cool bars like Delilah's and classy spots like Penumbra Wine Bar.
  • Vibrant art and culture with local galleries and colorful street art murals.

Shopping Highlights

W Division St in Chicago, IL offers a fun mix of shopping experiences. You can find cool vintage clothes at Belmont Army and beautiful handmade jewelry at Asrai Gardens. As you walk down Division Street, you'll discover unique stores that have something for everyone.

Belmont Army is a great place to find vintage clothes that tell a story from the past. It's perfect for anyone who wants to add special pieces to their wardrobe. Another great stop is Vintage Underground, where you can find retro clothing and accessories. They make sure every piece is high-quality and has its own story.

Kokorokoko is another awesome store on Division Street. It has bright and bold fashion from the 80s and 90s, great for anyone who wants to stand out.

For unique and handmade items, check out Asrai Gardens. They've beautiful handmade goods and fine jewelry. The care they put into their products makes this shop very special.

Walking down Division Street, you'll find a variety of stores, each with its own unique charm.

Dining Experiences

When you're in the mood for authentic local cuisine, 1700 W Division St offers a variety of memorable dining experiences.

Tortello's in-house pasta, Cafe Istanbul's unique take on culinary traditions, and Handlebar's diverse menu will cater to any palate.

If you're looking for cozy atmospheres, Lost Larson and Paulie Gee's Wicker Park provide exceptional food paired with inviting settings.

Authentic Local Cuisine

Exploring Division Street, you'll find a fantastic array of local foods that show off Chicago's diverse flavors. This street has many great places to eat that highlight the city's lively food scene.

At Tortello, you can enjoy delicious pasta made right there, and the outdoor seating makes it even better. Each pasta dish at Tortello is carefully made, so it's a great spot for pasta lovers.

For a special Indian meal, check out The Coach House by Zubair Mohajir on Division Street. Chef Zubair Mohajir creates a unique tasting menu with exciting dishes that show his cooking skills. This place is perfect if you want to try something new and different.

If you're craving baked treats, Artemio Bakery gives you a taste of Mexico with its yummy conchas and other goodies. This bakery is well-known and a great example of the variety on Division Street.

Cozy Dining Atmosphere

At The Coach House by Zubair Mohajir, you'll immediately feel the cozy and inviting atmosphere that makes every meal special. Located at 1742 W Division St, this hidden gem offers a unique Indian dining experience through its special tasting menu. The warm and comfortable setting makes it a perfect place for an unforgettable meal.

Here's what to expect:

  1. Cozy Setting: The small and charming space ensures you get personal service, making you feel truly cared for. The staff pays great attention to detail, enhancing your dining experience.
  2. Creative Dishes: Chef Zubair Mohajir's tasting menu features creative and well-crafted dishes that give Indian cuisine a fresh twist. Each course is designed to surprise and delight your taste buds.
  3. Hidden Treasure: The restaurant's secret location adds to its charm. It's a hidden gem on W Division St, offering a unique break from typical dining spots, perfect for those in the know.

With its focus on providing a cozy yet refined atmosphere, The Coach House by Zubair Mohajir is a must-visit spot for anyone looking for a special dining experience in Chicago.

Unique Cafes

On W Division St in Chicago, you'll find a bunch of unique cafes offering tasty treats from around the world.

Start your day at Doves Luncheonette, which mixes Southern and Mexican flavors for breakfast and brunch. They've cozy seating and serve yummy dishes like enchiladas and chilaquiles, perfect for a filling morning meal.

If you want something different, check out Cafe Istanbul. This cozy spot serves traditional Turkish food. You can enjoy sweet treats like baklava and strong Turkish coffee, making it a great place to relax in the afternoon.

For those who love sweets, Lost Larson is a must-visit. This cafe is famous for its Scandinavian pastries. Their cinnamon buns and cardamom rolls are big hits and will make you feel like you're in Northern Europe.

Artemio Bakery is another top stop, known for its crunchy conchas and other Mexican baked goods. Locals love this place for its authentic Mexican flavors.

Each of these cafes offers something special, making W Division St a great place to explore different kinds of food.

Nightlife Spots

W Division St's nightlife is a blend of cool bars, cozy cocktail lounges, and lively late-night spots. Whether you live here or are just visiting, there's always something fun to check out. Here are three places you should definitely visit:

  1. Delilah's – If you love whiskey, Delilah's is the place for you. They've over 600 different kinds of whiskey! This cozy bar is perfect for relaxing and enjoying your favorite drinks.
  2. Star Bar Chicago – Located in Ukrainian Village, Star Bar is a late-night favorite. It has a chill vibe and friendly people, making it a great place to unwind after a busy day.
  3. Penumbra Wine Bar – Found in Logan Square, Penumbra offers a classy selection of wines in a modern and stylish setting. It's a must-visit for anyone who loves wine.

Exploring W Division St's nightlife means finding hidden gems that match your mood and taste.

From the welcoming feel of Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings in Chinatown to the exciting cocktails at Chicago Chop House, there's something for everyone.

Don't miss these cool spots that make W Division St a real treasure.

Art and Culture

You'll find that 1700 W Division St is a vibrant hub for art and culture.

Local art galleries showcase a variety of works, while cultural festivals celebrate the neighborhood's diverse heritage.

Don't miss the stunning street art murals that add a colorful touch to the area's creative spirit.

Local Art Galleries

Exploring the art galleries on W Division St offers a fascinating look into Chicago's lively local art scene. These galleries display a wide variety of artworks, making it a fantastic spot for anyone who loves creativity and culture. You'll find unique and thought-provoking pieces by local artists, each telling a story that adds to the neighborhood's cultural richness.

To make the most of your visit, check out these highlights:

  1. Contemporary Art Spaces: These galleries showcase new and exciting works from up-and-coming artists, showing how dynamic Chicago's art scene can be.
  2. Traditional Art Exhibits: If you enjoy classic art, some galleries feature traditional pieces that celebrate timeless techniques and themes.
  3. Interactive Installations: Some galleries have interactive art, letting you engage directly with the pieces, making for a more immersive experience.

W Division St's art galleries not only highlight the talents of local artists but also create a supportive community for the arts. By visiting these galleries, you're not just admiring beautiful artworks; you're also supporting a thriving local arts scene and discovering hidden gems that reflect the heart and soul of Chicago.

Cultural Festivals

Throughout the year, cultural festivals on Division Street bring together artists, musicians, and performers for a lively celebration of art and culture. These events are a great way to dive into the local creative scene.

You can see a variety of local artists showing off their work, from detailed paintings to interesting sculptures. The festivals also have live music for all kinds of musical tastes, so there's something for everyone.

One of the best parts is the interactive workshops. Here, you can learn from experts. Whether you want to try pottery, learn new painting techniques, or explore digital art, these workshops give you a hands-on experience that helps you appreciate art and culture even more.

These cultural festivals do more than just entertain; they're a big part of what makes the neighborhood special. Both locals and visitors come to Division Street, making it a must-visit spot for art and culture fans.

Street Art Murals

Walking down W Division St, you'll be amazed by the colorful street art murals that show off Chicago's diverse art and culture. These murals, made by artists from all over the world, give the neighborhood a special charm with their different styles and themes.

From abstract shapes to detailed portraits, each mural tells a story and reflects the community's creativity and spirit.

Here are some highlights to check out:

  1. Global Influence: Artists from various countries have contributed to the murals on W Division St, turning it into a global art gallery. You'll see artwork that includes cultural elements from different parts of the world.
  2. Variety of Styles: The murals display many artistic styles, from bold and colorful abstracts to detailed and realistic portraits. This variety means that there's something for every art lover to enjoy.
  3. Community Reflection: Many murals show scenes and symbols important to the local community, giving a visual representation of the area's heritage and values.

As you explore, take your time to fully enjoy the artistic atmosphere. The bright and eye-catching murals along W Division St aren't just art; they celebrate the neighborhood's lively spirit.

Outdoor Activities

When you're on W Division St in Chicago, IL, you'll find lots of fun outdoor activities that make the neighborhood special. One of the best things to do is enjoy outdoor dining. There are many sidewalk cafes where you can taste local food and soak in the lively street scene. Popular places like Tortello have outdoor seating so you can really get a feel for the neighborhood.

As you walk along W Division St, you'll see lots of unique shops and boutiques. These stores make the street perfect for a relaxed walk or bike ride. The tree-lined sidewalks and calm vibe make it a great place to explore outside.

Besides eating and shopping, you'll also see colorful street art all around. This art adds a cool, cultural touch to your outdoor adventures. Whether you're sitting at a cafe or just walking by, the mix of local art and the inviting atmosphere makes the experience even better.

Local Events

W Division St in Chicago, IL, is always buzzing with energy during its many local events, offering something fun for everyone. These events turn the street into a lively gathering spot that draws both locals and visitors, showcasing the community's creativity and talent.

Here are three events you should definitely check out:

  1. Food Festivals: These events bring together a mix of local vendors offering tasty and diverse foods, making them a must-visit for anyone who loves to eat.
  2. Art Fairs: Featuring a variety of artwork from local artists, these fairs provide a space for creativity and self-expression, perfect for art lovers.
  3. Live Music Performances: These events feature musicians from the area and beyond, creating a fun and engaging atmosphere that music fans will enjoy.

Both residents and tourists can enjoy these exciting events, which help build a sense of togetherness and community pride. Whether you're exploring art, enjoying live music, or tasting delicious foods, W Division St's local events have something for everyone.

The ever-changing nature of these events means there's always something new and exciting to experience, making W Division St a hidden gem worth discovering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the History Behind W Division St?

You'll appreciate W Division St's rich history, dating back to the 1800s. Initially a bustling commercial and residential area, it evolved from a Polish immigrant hub to today's trendy neighborhood, showcasing a blend of culture and modernity.

Are There Any Notable Historic Landmarks on W Division St?

You might think W Division St lacks excitement, but it boasts historic landmarks like the Wicker Park Field House and Polish Triangle. These 19th-century buildings showcase Chicago's rich architectural heritage and cultural significance. Don't miss them!

How Can I Get to W Division St Using Public Transportation?

You can reach W Division St easily by taking the Blue Line. If you're coming from O'Hare, stay on the Blue Line. From Midway, transfer from the Orange Line to the Blue Line at Clark/Lake.

Are There Any Famous Residents or Celebrities Associated With W Division St?

You won't find famous residents or celebrities on W Division St. Instead, you'll discover its charm in local businesses, unique dining, and a vibrant community. Embrace the authenticity and local flavor that make it special.

What Are the Best Times of Year to Visit W Division St?

Imagine strolling W Division St in summer, enjoying outdoor dining and warm weather. You'll also love the vibrant fall colors, festive holiday decorations, and blooming spring flowers. Each season offers unique experiences, making every visit memorable.


You'll find that 1700 W Division St in Chicago is a hidden gem brimming with diverse experiences. Discover unique shopping highlights, savor dining experiences, and relax in cozy cafes.

Enjoy vibrant nightlife spots, immerse yourself in art and culture, and explore outdoor activities.

Don't miss local events that bring the community together. Each visit offers something new, making it a must-see destination.

Plan your trip and see all that this remarkable area has to offer.