Sitting atop a hill in the quaint neighborhood of Arlington Heights, this iconic structure has stood as a beacon of beauty and history for centuries. Dunton House is one of the few historic landmarks that remain in Arlington Heights today, and it serves as an important reminder of the area’s rich cultural heritage.

The building itself dates back to 1885 when it was constructed by local architect Charles Sumner Frost. It was originally built for James W Dunton, a wealthy businessman who made his fortune in banking and railroad investments. The house was designed in the Second Empire style with classic Victorian-era details like ornate woodwork, intricate brickwork, and beautiful stained glass windows. Over the years, it has been renovated several times but still retains many of its original features.

Dunton House has become a beloved landmark throughout Arlington Heights due to its distinctive architecture and rich history. In 1978, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places which ensures its preservation for future generations to enjoy. It also hosts several public events such as music concerts and art exhibitions throughout the year which bring people together from all walks of life to celebrate their shared love for this special place.

Events & Celebrations:

  • Music concerts
  • Art exhibitions
  • Community gatherings

The impact that Dunton House has had on Arlington Heights cannot be overstated; it stands as a symbol of pride for residents and visitors alike who come here to experience its timeless beauty firsthand. Its legacy will continue long into the future thanks to ongoing efforts to protect it and share its story with those who seek out its unique charm.

People Who Have Lived in the House

You may be surprised to learn that over the years, numerous people have called Dunton House their home. From its original owners in the late 19th century to various other residents throughout the 20th century, this landmark has seen many different faces come and go.

The first family who owned Dunton House was the Schaffers, a wealthy couple from Chicago. They built the house in 1892 as a summer getaway and were known for hosting elaborate parties for their friends and neighbors.

After them, several other families took ownership of the house including William Hines, who lived there with his wife and children until his death in 1945.

The next resident of Dunton House was Dorothy Westfall, a single mother who moved into the house with her two daughters in 1953. She ran a successful business out of her home which allowed her to remodel some parts of it to fit her needs better.

In 1978, she sold the property to Arlington Heights Historical Society where they turned it into a museum open to visitors on special occasions.

Today, Dunton House is still standing strong over 125 years after it was built by its original owners. It is an important part of Arlington Heights’ history and will continue to be enjoyed by generations for years to come.

Contributions to the Community

Visiting Dunton House is a great way to get a glimpse of the amazing contributions it has made to the community over the years. From its original construction in 1891 to its ongoing restoration, this historic landmark has been an integral part of Arlington Heights’ history. Below is a table summarizing some of the most influential contributions that Dunton House has made to the community:

Impact Source Beneficiary
Built as a meeting house for local civic groups and organizations Local builders and craftsmen Community gatherings and social events
Provision of affordable housing for low-income families during World War II era
and beyond
US Government Housing Authority (USHA) &
Arlington County Housing Authority (ACHA)
Low-income families
Major renovations by current owners preserving its original character and architecture Private citizens & local businesses Preservation of historical landmarks/buildings in Arlington Heights

Dunton House has been a vital part of Arlington Heights’ history since it was first built, providing both physical shelter and communal gathering places for generations. During World War II, it provided much needed affordable housing for military personnel stationed in Arlington County. The current owners have also worked hard to ensure that Dunton House remains true to its roots, restoring many of its original features while also adding modern amenities such as solar panels. This combination ensures that future generations can continue to experience all that this special place offers while respecting its rich heritage. With each passing year, more people are discovering what makes Dunton House so unique – not only is it an incredible piece of history but also home to some truly remarkable stories!

The Future of Dunton House

You may be wondering what the future holds for Dunton House.

Upcoming renovations are planned to restore it to its former glory, while also maintaining its historic charm.

Additionally, plans are in place for the house to continue being a vibrant hub of activity within the Arlington Heights community.

With these developments in motion, it’s clear that Dunton House will remain an important landmark for many years to come.

Upcoming Renovations

Excitement is building around the upcoming renovations of Dunton House, a historic landmark in Arlington Heights! After more than a century, the house is finally getting much needed updates and repairs. Throughout history, Dunton House has been a source of pride for locals and visitors alike.
The renovations planned include restoring the original Victorian architecture, updating electricity, plumbing and HVAC systems to modern standards, as well as replacing some of the windows with energy-efficient alternatives. Additionally, landscaping will be updated to complement the home’s existing character. These renovations will bring new life into this beloved landmark while also preserving its historical significance. It is an exciting time for all who have been touched by this iconic building over the years!

It is expected that these renovations will have a positive effect on both property values in Arlington Heights and tourism in general. The process of bringing Dunton House back to its former glory is sure to be long and complex but it promises to be an incredibly rewarding journey filled with lasting memories for generations to come.

Plans for the House’s Future

Experience the unique charm of a bygone era as you explore Dunton House’s plans for the future! The Arlington Heights Historical Society, which owns and operates the landmark, has some exciting ideas in place for its future.

In order to maintain its historic character and legacy, they plan on conducting renovations that are respectful of the house’s original design. This includes restoring large sections of the building, while also updating it with modern amenities to increase accessibility and comfort for visitors.

Additionally, they plan to expand on their existing programming such as lectures and tours to offer even more educational opportunities surrounding this important part of local history. They will also add permanent exhibits featuring artifacts from local area museums that have been loaned or donated specifically for display at Dunton House.

All these efforts aim to keep Dunton House alive as an enduring symbol of Arlington Heights’ past, present, and future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Dunton House open to the public?

No, the Dunton House isn’t open to the public. It’s a private residence that’s preserved for historical significance and is only available to tour by appointment.

What is the significance of the Dunton House to the Arlington Heights community?

You’re asking about the significance of the Dunton House. It’s a beloved landmark in Arlington Heights, symbolizing its rich history and standing as an important part of the community.

What are the current preservation efforts for the Dunton House?

You’re helping to preserve a piece of history! Current efforts for the house involve restoration, education, and fundraising initiatives. Join in and help keep this landmark alive!

How can I get involved in preserving the Dunton House?

You can get involved in preserving the Dunton House by volunteering with local organizations dedicated to its preservation, such as Historic Arlington Heights or the Arlington Historical Society. Consider donating money, time, or resources to support their initiatives.

What special events are held at the Dunton House?

You can attend a variety of special events at the Dunton House, including lectures, workshops, and film screenings. There are also community-oriented activities like holiday celebrations and music performances. Join in to learn more about the historic landmark’s legacy!


You’ve been on a journey to trace the legacy of the historic Dunton House. You’ve learned about its history, who has lived in it, and how it has contributed to Arlington Heights. Dining is also an attraction.

It’s clear that this landmark is an integral part of the community, and its future looks bright. Preservation efforts are underway to ensure that generations to come can enjoy its beauty and appreciate the impact it has had on the area.

Dunton House is more than just a house – it’s a symbol of Arlington Heights’ rich past and promising future.