Chicago's influencer scene is dynamic and diverse, covering various interests. Top fashion influencers include @somepopofcolor, @elegantlyellery, and @zooooobear, each offering unique styles and perspectives. In the lifestyle niche, @jenniferlake and @somethingwhitty captivate audiences with engaging content. Food enthusiasts will enjoy @bakedbrie__ and @sabrinaendsley, known for their high engagement rates and delectable posts. Music and arts fans can follow Rob Scallon and Alexys Fleming (Madeyewlook) for creative insights. For travel and wellness, influencers like @marvelousinthemidwest and @lakeshorelady provide family-friendly adventures and health tips. If you're curious about Chicago's vibrant influencer community, there's much more to explore.

Main Points

  • @jenniferlake shares fashion, home, and travel content with 182.8K followers and a 1.2% engagement rate.
  • @zooooobear empowers women through fashion and beauty, boasting a 3.6% engagement rate with 52.3K followers.
  • @marvelousinthemidwest offers lifestyle, fashion, travel, and 'mommy & me' food experiences with 54.4K followers.
  • @bakedbrie__ captures Chicago's food culture with a 9.6% engagement rate and 5.3K followers.
  • @lakeshorelady provides wellness and fashion tips, engaging 52.9K followers with a 1.7% engagement rate.

Top Fashion Influencers

fashionable and influential individuals

Chicago's fashion scene is vibrant and diverse, thanks to influencers like @somepopofcolor, @elegantlyellery, @zooooobear, @lakeshorelady, and @marvelousinthemidwest. These Chicago-based fashion influencers each bring their unique styles and perspectives to the table, making the city's fashion landscape incredibly rich.

Lastly, @marvelousinthemidwest, with 54.4K followers and a 1.2% engagement rate, combines lifestyle, fashion, and travel. As a wife and mom, her Mommy & Me content resonates with many.

Leading Lifestyle Influencers

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Among Chicago's leading lifestyle influencers, @jenniferlake stands out with her blend of fashion, home, and travel content, captivating 182.8K followers with a 1.2% engagement rate. As a public relations executive, she expertly curates posts that inspire and attract a wide audience, making her a prominent figure among Chicago Influencers.

Another notable Chicago Blogger is @somethingwhitty, who's garnered 108.6K followers. She offers engaging lifestyle content that averages 81.2 comments per 1000 likes, showcasing her strong connection with her audience. Her blog is a go-to for partnership opportunities, reflecting her influence as a Content Creator.

Lastly, @lakeshorelady, with 52.9K followers, focuses on petite style and attainable wellness. Her content sees a 1.7% engagement rate and 48.2 comments per 1000 likes, making her another influential voice among Chicago Influencers. Her posts emphasize practical tips and relatable fashion, connecting well with her audience.

Popular Food Bloggers

influential online culinary personalities

Diving into Chicago's culinary scene, @bakedbrie__ captures the essence of local food culture with her impressive 9.6% engagement rate among 5.3K followers. Her posts not only spotlight Chicago's vibrant food landscape but also engage a dedicated audience who crave authentic food experiences. With each bite-sized post, she brings you closer to the heart of Chicago's food culture.

To explore other influential food bloggers in Chicago, you should consider:

  1. @sabrinaendsley: A versatile lifestyle blogger with 5.2K followers and a 6.4% engagement rate. Sabrina shares her culinary adventures alongside her lifestyle content, making her a go-to for all things Chicago.
  2. @somethingwhitty: With a whopping 108.6K followers, this Chicago-based lifestyle blogger garners 81.2 comments per 1000 likes. Her food posts stand out in the crowded landscape, blending lifestyle and culinary insights seamlessly.
  3. @marvelousinthemidwest: Primarily a lifestyle, fashion, and travel blogger, she shares delicious 'mommy & me' food experiences with her 54.4K followers.
  4. @lexandthecity____: While her primary focus is city lifestyle, home decor, and travel, Lex also features Chicago's culinary delights to her 21.1K followers with a 1.4% engagement rate.

Chicago's food bloggers intertwine culinary explorations with the city's rich music and cultural tapestry, making the dining scene even more vibrant and diverse.

Music and Arts Influencers

impact of music influencers

As you savor the flavors of Chicago's culinary scene, don't miss out on the city's vibrant music and arts influencers who bring a different kind of creativity to the table.

Rob Scallon, a multi-instrumentalist, is a notable figure in the local music scene. His Instagram account gives a behind-the-scenes look at his guitar-making process, making it a must-follow for music enthusiasts. With his engaging content, Rob keeps his followers deeply connected to the art of music creation.

In the realm of visual arts, Alexys Fleming, also known as Madeyewlook, stands out. Specializing in body paint, her YouTube channel has around 2.59 million subscribers, showcasing her incredible talent and creativity. Her detailed tutorials and imaginative designs make her a significant influencer in the arts community.

Moreover, the Chicago Music Scene Instagram account is a treasure trove for anyone interested in the local music community. With 13.5k followers and a 3.04% engagement rate, it provides insights and updates on Chicago's bustling music scene.

These influencers, with their unique talents and engaging content, contribute significantly to the rich tapestry of Chicago's music and arts landscape.

Travel and Adventure Influencers

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Chicago's travel and adventure influencers highlight the city's top scenic spots and local hidden gems, offering you a mix of well-known attractions and off-the-beaten-path experiences.

Follow @marvelousinthemidwest for family-friendly adventures or @lexandthecity____ for a blend of cityscapes and decor inspiration.

With @jenniferlake's extensive travel insights, you'll uncover both popular destinations and lesser-known treasures throughout Chicago.

Top Scenic Spots

Explore Chicago's most breathtaking scenic spots through the eyes of top travel and adventure influencers. These influencers showcase the city's beauty and provide a roadmap for your next adventure. Whether you're seeking wellness, city lifestyle, or culinary delights, there's something for everyone.

  1. @jenniferlake: With 182.8K followers, Jennifer Lake highlights Chicago's iconic landmarks and stunning skyline views. Her content offers a mix of fashion, home decor, and travel, making her a versatile guide to the city's scenic spots.
  2. @lexandthecity____: Lex, a city lifestyle blogger with 21.1K followers, captures the essence of Chicago's scenic beauty. She focuses on home decor and travel, presenting picturesque locations that are perfect for your next Instagram post.
  3. @lakeshorelady: Advocating for attainable wellness, Lakeshore Lady, with 52.9K followers, explores Chicago's scenic spots with a focus on health and well-being. Her recommendations often include serene parks and lakeside views.
  4. @somethingwhitty: With 108.6K followers, this lifestyle blogger features Chicago's scenic spots in her content. From lush gardens to urban landscapes, her posts highlight the diversity of the city's beauty.

Follow these influencers to discover Chicago's most scenic spots and make your next visit unforgettable.

Local Hidden Gems

If you're hunting for Chicago's local hidden gems, these travel and adventure influencers have got you covered. Let's dive into who to follow for the best spots.

Next, check out @sabrinaendsley, a lifestyle blogger and fresh grad with 5.2K followers and a 6.4% engagement rate. Sabrina's keen eye for detail and knack for finding unique spots make her a go-to for discovering local gems. Whether it's a quaint café or a secluded park, her tips will lead you to the best Chicago has to offer.

Lastly, @marvelousinthemidwest focuses on lifestyle, fashion, and travel, with a particular interest in mommy & me content. Boasting 54.4K followers, she highlights family-friendly adventures and chic spots around the city, perfect for those looking to explore with kids in tow.

Influencer Followers Engagement Rate
@bakedbrie__ 5.3K 9.6%
@sabrinaendsley 5.2K 6.4%
@marvelousinthemidwest 54.4K 1.2%

Follow these influencers to discover Chicago's best-kept secrets.

Wellness and Fitness Influencers

health and exercise leaders

You'll find Chicago's wellness and fitness influencers sharing tips on popular workout spots and healthy living.

These influencers guide you through everything from the best yoga studios to nutritious meal prep ideas.

Their content not only motivates but also provides practical advice to help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Popular Workout Spots

Chicago's wellness and fitness influencers often flock to popular workout spots like Equinox, FFC, and Shred415 to showcase their routines and inspire followers. These gyms aren't just places to break a sweat; they're hubs for the fitness community to connect and share their journeys. You'll find influencers here collaborating with local trainers and gyms, creating content that promotes a balanced lifestyle.

If you're looking to explore these spots yourself, here's a quick rundown:

  1. Equinox: Known for its luxurious amenities and high-end equipment, Equinox offers everything from yoga to strength training.
  2. FFC (Fitness Formula Clubs): With multiple locations in Chicago, FFC provides a variety of classes and state-of-the-art facilities.
  3. Shred415: This spot specializes in high-intensity interval training (HIIT), perfect for those who want a challenging workout.
  4. Lakefront Trail: Not just a gym but a scenic route, perfect for running, cycling, and outdoor fitness routines.

These venues attract influencers specializing in different workout styles, from yoga and Pilates to HIIT. Chicago's vibrant fitness scene offers diverse classes and workshops, providing plenty of opportunities to engage with followers and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Living Tips

While these workout spots provide the physical spaces, Chicago's wellness influencers like @lakeshorelady and @marvelousinthemidwest offer invaluable healthy living tips to help you maintain a balanced lifestyle. With 52.9K followers, @lakeshorelady focuses on attainable wellness, blending her petite style blogging with practical tips. @marvelousinthemidwest, boasting 54.4K followers, integrates lifestyle, fashion, and mommy & me content to provide holistic wellness advice.

If you're looking for cultural inspiration, @elegantlyellery brings Hispanic culture into her affordable fashion and fitness content, engaging her 16.6K followers. Her approach is both relatable and enriching, reflecting her 1.1% engagement rate. For those who seek empowerment through wellness, @zooooobear's content resonates deeply. With 52.3K followers and a 3.6% engagement rate, she inspires women to embrace wellness confidently.

Foodies will find @bakedbrie__'s culinary creations irresistible. With just 5.3K followers but an impressive 9.6% engagement rate, her healthy living tips are both delicious and practical. Her content makes healthy eating accessible and enjoyable.

Influencer Specialization
@lakeshorelady Attainable wellness, petite style
@marvelousinthemidwest Lifestyle, fashion, mommy & me
@elegantlyellery Affordable fashion, Hispanic culture, fitness
@zooooobear Empowering women, wellness

Notable Beauty Influencers

beauty influencers gaining popularity

In the vibrant landscape of Chicago's beauty scene, @elegantlyellery and @zooooobear stand out as influential figures who inspire thousands with their unique approaches to affordable fashion and beauty empowerment.

On the other hand, @zooooobear, boasting 52.3K followers and a 3.6% engagement rate, emphasizes fashion and beauty inspiration while empowering women. Her posts are all about confidence and embracing one's unique style.

Here's what you can expect from these influencers:

  1. Affordable Fashion Tips: Both @elegantlyellery and @zooooobear offer practical advice on looking chic without breaking the bank.
  2. Beauty Empowerment: @zooooobear focuses on boosting women's confidence through beauty, encouraging them to feel powerful and beautiful.
  3. Engaging Content: With their strong engagement rates, their followers are actively interacting with their posts, making them reliable sources of inspiration.
  4. Diverse Perspectives: @elegantlyellery brings a Hispanic viewpoint to her content, adding cultural depth and relatability.

These influencers are shaping Chicago's beauty scene, making it accessible and empowering for all.

Influencers to Watch

influencers worth following now

If you're looking for influencers to watch, @somepopofcolor, @jenniferlake, and @lakeshorelady are making waves in Chicago's vibrant scene.

Other influencers worth noting include @elegantlyellery, an affordable fashion blogger with 16.6K followers and a 1.1% engagement rate, and @zooooobear, a fashion and beauty inspiration blogger who empowers women with 52.3K followers and a 3.6% engagement rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Tiktokers Live in Chicago?

You'll find TikTokers like @zooooobear, @bakedbrie__, and @somethingwhitty in Chicago. They're making waves with fashion, food, and lifestyle content. These influencers connect with their audience, offering inspiration and a sense of community.

Who Is the Top 10 Influencers?

While some might argue it's subjective, you'd likely find top influencers based on follower count, engagement, and niche relevance. They lead trends, offer authentic content, and create freedom in how you experience your passions.

How Do I Find Influencers in a Specific Area?

You can find influencers in a specific area by using Instagram's search and location features, exploring local hashtags, using influencer marketing platforms, attending local events, and collaborating with local businesses to discover who they've worked with.

How Do I Contact Local Influencers?

Think of contacting local influencers like casting a net into a sea of opportunities. Reach out via their social media profiles where they usually list their contact details. Be authentic and clear about your collaboration intentions.


Chicago's influencer scene is diverse and dynamic, offering something for everyone. Did you know that 60% of Chicagoans follow at least one local influencer?

Whether you're into fashion, food, fitness, or travel, there's an influencer in the Windy City for you. These influencers not only set trends but also build a sense of community. Keep an eye on emerging talents to stay ahead of the curve.

Chicago's influencers are shaping the city's culture in exciting ways.