Discover the popular trails of Arlington Heights and explore nature’s beauty on foot or bike! From the winding trail along Gasoline Alley to the historic Mee-Kee-Toh Trail, there are plenty of incredible routes for hikers and bikers alike.

Trail Difficulty Length
Gasoline Alley Trail Easy/Moderate 4 miles round trip
Mee-Kee-Toh Trail Moderate/Difficult 6 miles round trip

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely journey or an intense workout, you’ll find something that suits your needs in Arlington Heights. The Gasoline Alley Trail is perfect for those who want to take it slow and enjoy the sights, while the Mee-Kee-Toh Trail will give experienced hikers and bikers a challenge they won’t soon forget. Whichever path you choose, be sure to bring plenty of water and snacks as well as sun protection.

The area also has several scenic overlooks where you can take in stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for wildlife; deer, rabbits, foxes, and many other animals can be found in these forests if you know where to look. And don’t forget your camera – with its breathtaking scenery and vibrant fall colors, Arlington Heights offers some truly remarkable photo opportunities.

So don your gear and hit the trails! Whether it’s a peaceful stroll through nature or an adrenaline-pumping adventure biking up steep hillsides, there’s something here for everyone. You’re sure to come away from this experience feeling refreshed and inspired by all that Arlington Heights has to offer!

Resources for Trail Information

If you’re looking to explore the outdoors, you’ll want to get familiar with the resources available to find out more about local trails. Hiking and biking in Arlington Heights is a great way to get active and take in nature’s beauty, so it’s important that you have the tools needed for a successful journey.

Here are three essential resources for trail information:

  1. Official Park Websites: These websites provide information about park hours, fees, rules and regulations, facilities, events, maps and more.
  2. Social Media Groups: Joining an online community of outdoor adventurers can be incredibly useful when planning a hike or bike ride. You can often find up-to-date conditions reports as well as recommendations from other trail users who know the area well.
  3. Printed Maps: Many local parks offer printed maps that feature detailed directions for trails and other amenities such as restrooms or water fountains along your route – these are great tools if there’s no cell service!

No matter what type of outdoor activity you plan on taking part in, having access to reliable trail information is key for a safe and enjoyable experience. With proper research and preparation, you can easily make sure your adventure is one to remember!

Frequently Asked Questions

What gear should I bring when I go hiking or biking?

Pack a light backpack with water, snacks, a first-aid kit and a map. Wear comfortable clothes and sturdy shoes, and don’t forget a hat and sunscreen! Bring your bike or rent one nearby for an exciting adventure.

Are there any age restrictions for hiking and biking trails?

No, there aren’t any age restrictions for hiking and biking trails. No matter your age, you can get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air! Have fun exploring nature on your own or with friends.

Are there any places to rent bicycles in the area?

Yes, there are several places to rent bicycles nearby! You can find a bike shop that offers rentals at reasonable prices. There’s also a cycling club that offers rental bikes and allows members to ride on trails.

Are the trails dog-friendly?

Yes, the trails are dog-friendly! You and your pup can explore nature together. Just remember to keep them leashed for safety.

Is there a cost associated with using the trails?

No, using the trails is free of charge. You can explore and adventure without worry. Enjoy nature’s playground!


You’ve heard about all of the amazing trails in Arlington Heights and now it’s time to get out there and explore! Hiking and biking are great ways to get some exercise, explore nature, and create lasting memories with your family or friends.

Be sure to stay safe by bringing a map, letting someone know where you’re going, and following the rules of the trail. With so many trails to choose from, you’ll find something that suits your level of experience.

Embrace adventure today – head out on a trail in Arlington Heights!