You can buy caviar in Chicago at upscale grocery stores like Fresh Farms and Eataly, as well as specialty seafood markets such as Dirks Fish & Gourmet Shop and Wixter Market. Online platforms like Wixter Market and Black Gold Caviar offer convenient delivery options. Local delicatessens like Romanian Kosher Sausage and Tempesta Market also stock premium caviar. For a dining experience, Michelin-starred restaurants like BLVD and Brindille serve caviar in innovative dishes. Occasionally, farmers markets feature caviar vendors. When buying, ensure the caviar is fresh and well-formed, and verify its sourcing practices. There's more to discover about enjoying caviar in the city.

Main Points

  • Fresh Farms, Eataly, Dirks Fish & Gourmet Shop, and Wixter Market offer a variety of caviar types.
  • Online platforms like Wixter Market and Black Gold Caviar provide overnight shipping for fresh caviar delivery.
  • BLVD, Brindille, and Heritage Restaurant & Caviar Bar serve premium caviar in unique dining settings.
  • Local delicatessens like Romanian Kosher Sausage and Tempesta Market offer curated fine caviar selections.
  • Farmers' markets occasionally feature caviar vendors during special events, with seasonal availability.

Upscale Gourmet Grocery Stores

When you're looking to buy caviar in Chicago, upscale gourmet grocery stores like Fresh Farms and Eataly are excellent places to start. These stores offer a variety of caviar types, including the highly sought-after sturgeon caviar. You'll find premium options such as Beluga, Osetra, and Sevruga caviar, known for their distinct flavors and textures.

At Fresh Farms, you can explore a range of the best caviar, sourced from reputable suppliers who prioritize quality and sustainability. Eataly, known for its Italian gourmet products, also carries a selection of fine caviars, ensuring you have access to some of the best sturgeon caviar available. Both stores provide an environment where you can ask knowledgeable staff about pairing suggestions and storage tips, enhancing your overall caviar experience.

In these upscale stores, you're not just purchasing caviar; you're gaining access to a culinary world that respects tradition and quality. The convenience of having such high-quality options readily available in Chicago means you can indulge in the best caviar without needing to look far.

Specialty Seafood Markets

If you're looking for the freshest caviar in Chicago, specialty seafood markets downtown are a fantastic option. These markets offer a variety of local gourmet selections, ensuring you get top-notch quality.

From Beluga to Osetra, you'll find an extensive range of caviar that caters to every taste.

Local Gourmet Options

You'll find some of Chicago's finest caviar at specialty seafood markets like Dirks Fish & Gourmet Shop and Wixter Market. Dirks Fish & Gourmet Shop, located downtown, offers a variety of caviar options that cater to every taste. Whether you're pairing caviar with potato chips for a casual yet upscale snack or preparing for a gourmet dinner, Dirks provides high-quality selections that won't disappoint.

In West Town, Wixter Market stands out with its upscale caviar selections and other gourmet offerings. Known for its commitment to quality, Wixter Market ensures that every jar of caviar meets the highest standards. This makes it a perfect stop for anyone looking to indulge in the finer things without compromising freshness or flavor.

For those in the Montclare area, Black Gold Caviar offers a diverse range of caviar choices. This market caters to discerning customers who appreciate variety and quality.

If you're in Irving Park, Dash Mart provides a convenient option to purchase caviar along with other specialty items.

Freshness and Quality

Ensuring the caviar you purchase is fresh and of the highest quality is paramount when shopping at Chicago's specialty seafood markets. These markets source caviar from reputable producers, guaranteeing both freshness and authenticity. Whether you're looking for Beluga, Osetra, or Sevruga, you'll find a variety of options to suit your preferences.

Upscale seafood markets in downtown Chicago provide a curated selection of sustainably sourced caviar. Discerning customers can trust that these markets prioritize quality and sustainability. Knowledgeable staff are available to offer guidance, helping you select the best caviar based on your tastes and the occasion.

Here's a quick look at what you can expect:

Type of Caviar Source Quality Assurance
Beluga Reputable Producers High Freshness
Osetra Sustainable Sources Expertise in Selection
Sevruga Authentic Origins Curated Choices

Shopping at these specialty markets means you're not just buying caviar; you're investing in an experience. The expert staff can provide valuable insights and recommendations, ensuring you leave with a product that meets your highest standards. So, next time you're in downtown Chicago, make sure to explore these markets for an unparalleled caviar experience.

Online Retailers Offering Caviar

You'll find that popular online stores offer a wide selection of caviar, with detailed descriptions and customer reviews.

Many of these retailers provide overnight shipping, ensuring your caviar arrives fresh and ready to enjoy.

The convenience of shopping online allows you to compare prices and types effortlessly, making your purchase decision straightforward.

Popular Online Stores

Chicago residents looking for premium caviar can find excellent selections at online retailers like Wixter Market and Black Gold Caviar. These online stores offer a convenient way to access high-quality caviar without leaving your home. You can explore a wide range of caviar types, including beluga, osetra, and kaluga, right at your fingertips.

Wixter Market is known for its commitment to sustainable sourcing, ensuring you get ethically harvested caviar. Their website provides detailed descriptions of each caviar type, helping you make informed decisions. You can easily compare prices and grades, ensuring you find the perfect match for your taste and budget.

Black Gold Caviar also offers an impressive variety of caviar, focusing on premium quality. Their online platform is user-friendly, making it simple to browse through different options. Detailed product descriptions and transparent sourcing practices allow you to buy with confidence.

Ordering caviar online from these retailers not only saves you time but also offers the freedom to shop at your convenience. Whether you're a caviar enthusiast or a first-time buyer, these online stores provide all the information you need to enjoy a luxurious culinary experience.

Delivery and Shipping

When you order caviar from online retailers like Black Gold Caviar and Wixter Market, you'll enjoy the convenience of delivery right to your doorstep. These retailers offer a variety of caviar options and ensure fast, efficient shipping throughout Chicago. If you're looking to indulge in this luxurious treat without leaving home, you'll find plenty of choices available.

Dirks Fish & Gourmet Shop and Dash Mart are also excellent options for online caviar purchases. They provide a diverse selection of high-quality caviar, delivered directly to you. Whether you're planning a special occasion or simply want to elevate a meal, these online stores make it easy to access premium caviar.

Whole Foods Market in Near North Side offers another convenient option. You can order caviar online for delivery or pickup, giving you flexibility based on your needs. Wixter Market, located in West Town, specializes in delivering fresh, high-quality caviar, ensuring you get the best product possible.

Here's a quick comparison of some options for buying caviar online in Chicago:

Retailer Delivery Area Special Features
Black Gold Caviar Chicago-wide Fast shipping
Wixter Market West Town, Chicago High-quality product delivery
Whole Foods Market Near North Side Delivery or pickup options

Enjoy your caviar experience from the comfort of your home!

Restaurants Serving Caviar

For a luxurious dining experience, BLVD offers Regalis caviar varieties like black kaluga and platinum osetra in an Old Hollywood steakhouse setting. This restaurant is perfect if you're looking to indulge in high-quality caviar while enjoying a classic, glamorous ambiance.

Brindille is another great spot, featuring French-influenced cuisine with a sophisticated touch. Their sturgeon caviar service includes quail eggs and creme fraiche, providing a rich and decadent experience. Brindille's refined atmosphere and gourmet offerings make it a must-visit for caviar enthusiasts.

Over at Heritage Restaurant & Caviar Bar, you'll find an impressive selection of 11 caviar varieties, including premium options like golden osetra and a beluga-Siberian hybrid. Heritage combines a welcoming atmosphere with an extensive caviar menu, ensuring there's something for every palate.

Lure Fishbar serves caviar with shallots, chives, and whipped creme fraiche, offering American sturgeon, ossetra, and kaluga varieties. This seafood-centric restaurant provides a relaxed yet upscale environment, perfect for savoring caviar alongside other fresh seafood dishes.

Next Restaurant, known for its ever-evolving Michelin-starred menu, incorporates caviar into seasonal delicacies like osetra caviar with sea urchin. Dining here promises a unique and memorable culinary adventure, highlighting caviar in innovative and unexpected ways.

Local Delicatessens

Beyond the exquisite restaurant offerings, you can also find high-quality caviar at several local delicatessens in Chicago. These specialty shops provide a more personal and varied selection, making it easier for you to explore different types of caviar without dining out.

Here are some top local delicatessens where you can purchase caviar:

  • Romanian Kosher Sausage: Known for its diverse range of kosher products, this spot offers a selection of caviar that meets their high standards of quality.
  • Tempesta Market: A favorite for gourmet enthusiasts, Tempesta Market provides a curated selection of fine caviar options.
  • Supreme Lobster and Seafood Company: Renowned for offering Russian sturgeon caviar, this company ensures you get authentic and luxurious choices.
  • Dirks Fish & Gourmet Shop: This shop is a popular destination for gourmet seafood lovers, including a selection of premium caviar.
  • Wixter Market: Located in West Town, Wixter Market is a go-to for finding high-quality caviar amid their extensive seafood offerings.

These local delicatessens allow you the freedom to choose the best caviar for your tastes without the need for a reservation or a formal dining experience. Explore these spots to enhance your caviar collection or to find the perfect addition to your next gathering.

Farmers Markets

You can find caviar at local farmers' markets in Chicago, offering a unique experience to buy directly from producers. These markets occasionally feature caviar vendors during special events, giving you a chance to explore and purchase high-quality caviar. It's a refreshing way to shop, where you can engage with the producers and learn more about the caviar you're buying.

Local farmers' markets not only provide fresh produce but also cater to gourmet tastes with specialty items like caviar. Some markets even host caviar tasting experiences, allowing you to sample different varieties before making a purchase. This makes it easier for you to find the type of caviar that suits your palate.

However, keep in mind that caviar availability at these markets can vary. It's often seasonal and dependent on the participating vendors. Therefore, it's a good idea to check local farmers' market listings or event schedules to see when caviar will be available. Doing so ensures you don't miss out on these exclusive opportunities.

Tips for Buying Caviar

When buying caviar, always check for firm, well-formed eggs to ensure freshness. This simple step helps you avoid lower quality products.

Storing caviar at a consistent temperature is crucial, so make sure to keep it refrigerated. This preserves its flavor and texture.

Verify the sustainability practices and source of the caviar to ensure you're supporting responsible harvesting. Knowing the caviar grading systems can also help you determine the quality of the product you're buying.

To make your buying experience even smoother, consider these tips:

  • Firmness: Look for eggs that aren't too soft or mushy.
  • Temperature: Store caviar at a consistent cold temperature, ideally around 28-32°F.
  • Sustainability: Opt for caviar from sources that practice sustainable harvesting.
  • Grading: Understand the grading system (e.g., Grade 1 is higher quality than Grade 2).
  • Farmed vs. Wild: Decide if you prefer farmed or wild caviar, as each offers different flavors and ethical considerations.

Differentiating between farmed and wild caviar options is also essential before purchasing. Farmed caviar often has a more consistent quality, while wild caviar is prized for its natural, robust flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Time of Year to Buy Fresh Caviar?

You'll find the best fresh caviar during fall and winter. Sturgeon caviar peaks in the fall, while salmon caviar is more common in spring. For the widest selection and freshest options, shop during peak harvesting seasons.

Are There Any Caviar Tasting Events in Chicago?

You'll love Chicago's caviar tasting events. They feature top chefs and a variety of caviar producers. Attend annual festivals or pop-up caviar bars at local food and wine festivals for a unique and delicious experience.

How Should I Store Caviar After Purchasing It?

Did you know 90% of caviar's quality depends on storage? Store it in your fridge's coldest part between 28-32°F. Keep it sealed, use a non-metallic spoon, and consume within 2-3 days for best taste.

Can I Find Sustainable or Ethically Sourced Caviar in Chicago?

You can find sustainable or ethically sourced caviar at select gourmet grocery stores and specialty seafood markets downtown. Upscale restaurants and online retailers also offer responsibly sourced options, ensuring you enjoy caviar without compromising your values.

What Are the Health Benefits of Eating Caviar?

You'll benefit from caviar's omega-3s, which boost heart health and reduce inflammation. It's packed with vitamins A, B12, and D, supports muscle repair with high protein, and improves cognitive function. Enjoy it in moderation.


If you're in Chicago and craving caviar, you've got plenty of options: upscale gourmet grocery stores, specialty seafood markets, online retailers, restaurants, local delicatessens, and even farmers markets.

Each source offers unique selections, so you'll find just what you need. Remember, quality and freshness are key, so do your research before buying.

By exploring these options, you'll be able to enjoy this luxurious treat with ease, adding a touch of elegance to any occasion.